Appeal An Over-Assessed Property Taxes OR Lose Thousands

property tax appeal case

See if you have a property tax appeal case that’s winnable for your own home. How? Go to the link below and subscribe to get FREE materials that will help you discover if you have a case worth pursuing. If so, we can supply you with the necessary education to develop an accurate real estate appraisal the prove the valuation of the home.

Also, for those willing to go an extra step, if you wanted to help OPEN THE EYES of other homeowners as well as commercial businesses and give them the keys for an exact real estate valuation that gives them a good chance for a winning property tax appeal, this is it.

Property taxes are on the rise, however, FACTS are that 40% to 60% of homes in the U.S. are over-assessed. Why? Because these were low-cost, on the cheap, community “rush job” appraisals.

We want to give you a free, complimentary, complete mind map for the process, give you a category adjustment worksheet and access to comparable sold properties in your area.

Discover if you have a property tax appeal case that is likely to win. Those savings continue year after year and will put thousands of dollars back into your wallet, your family, friends or customers (if you find a friend, neighbor or someone who is over-assessed).

Residential and even businesses need to appeal an over-assessed property tax otherwise they are hurling money down the drain. Click: for more information.

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