Arial Drones for Real Estate Valuation?

Interestingly, an aerial inspection can get valuable real estate valuation information that cannot be gained from a ground-based inspection. Obviously, with an arial inspection, short of climbing a ladder and walking the roofing of a building, one can better survey for roof damage.

Structural, drainage issues, landscaping and thermographic can come to light. 3-D imaging from drones are a promising technology that can promote better results in some areas such as roof conditions and structural integrity.

In an article entitles: Staying Relevant In The Appraisal Industry, there was this conversation between appraisers.

“Buzz: Why should appraisers attend your webinar?

Lamar: Because I provide a unique perspective into viewing a property. An aerial inspection can provide valuable information that cannot be obtained from a ground-based inspection. Whether an appraiser plans to be a pilot or hires someone to fly for them, data can be acquired easier and more efficiently from the air than 10 years ago. I provide an understanding of aerial technology that no one else can provide.

I have a new 2-day seminar which is being introduced in Puerto Rico called “Aerial Inspections for Real Estate, Mapping, Measurements, and Modeling.” I am working with Skyline Software Solutions to provide the attendees an opportunity to use a mapping service to develop their own maps under a trial period and gain an understanding of how maps can be used for valuation.”  -

Real estate valuations revolve around the reality that each property is unique. Specific research into all the areas of compatibility and contrasts between comparable sold homes culminate in an opinion of value.

That finalized valuation conclusion is backed up by evidence. As such, a real estate appraisal provides valuable information that can be used in a property tax appeal.

This is not rocket science (other than the drones fly over if needed) and anyone can create a valid real estate appraisal using a do-it-yourself Real Estate Valuation and Property Tax Appeal Course that’s offered at: What’s My Home Worth    

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