How property taxes are calculated? (and how it affects buying a home)

Property taxes, how are they assessed, how do you pay them, how are they calculated.

And remember, if this is your first time on this channel and you want to get the latest strategies from the experts, hit the subscription button below, hit the little notification bell so you don’t miss anything. So how are property taxes calculated? So that’s one of the main questions that we hear actually.

Property taxes are assessed by the city and it will be calculated based on the size of your actual land, any amenities in the area, perhaps a school is going up, perhaps a certain bus station is coming about.

So that’s typically how they’re assessed. How are property taxes actually assessed? Like what actually does an assessor go in and do, to actually figure out the amount that you pay?

So this is one of the main questions people will ask. Usually the assessor will look at the size of your property, they’ll look at the size of the home, the square footage that’s sitting on that piece of property. It could be that it’s a corner lot. It could be that it’s a pie lot you have a little bit bigger of a lot. And then of course the amenities in the area.

If there’s a grocery store, if there’s a school in the area. And do they also take into account how many years that house like how old that house is? And then how do property taxes actually affect my personal taxes? So, if you actually have your own home business for example, you have an office out of your house, you can actually have deductions and tax write offs based on that.

And are property taxes based on the assessed price, or the actual purchase price of the house? Based on the assessed price. So, the property taxes will be valued off of the size of the land typically and then the house that sits on that piece of land. And how often are they paid? And how are they paid? You can pay them by 2 choices.

You can pay once a year or you can have them put it onto your mortgage and you can have it as a monthly payment. – And if you do put it on your monthly mortgage, it’s up to the city to increase it or decrease it every year right?

– Would you expect any increases or decreases within the year? Or is it usually they give you an assessment at the beginning of the year and that’s how much you have to pay? – They’ll give you an assessment once a year, typically at the beginning of the year in the spring.

And then it’s from there if you want to choose to pay it once or if you want to pay it monthly. And earlier you had asked about how they’re paid, so you will actually go into your financial institute or call them to put onto your monthly taxes, so any bank or branch.

And they’ll pay it to the city for you. – And is it pretty much an expectation of property taxes will increase every year? – They typically do.

They can stay the same, they do typically increase each year. And is there anybody exempt from paying property taxes? – There are actually. So some indigenous cultures can be exempt, some veterans, some seniors. So there are certain parties that can be exempt from property taxes.

And you can go online actually onto the government website and you find out to see if you’re exempt.

Okay. So you have anything else to add in terms of property taxes?. So the question of the day I have for you is, did potential property taxes on home actually influence your decision of buying that home?

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