Property Taxes – A Hardship For The Non-Rich Who In Reality Are 40% Or More Over-Assessed

Property taxes are on the rise, however, FACTS are that 40% to 60% of homes in the U.S. are over-assessed community “rush job” appraisals

If you wanted to help OPEN THE EYES of homeowners as well as commercial businesses PLUS give them the keys for an exact real estate valuation and a good chance for a winning property tax appeal, this is it.

What this training will do for you, if you’re going to appeal and have a case, in my experience, the average property tax reduction is about 20%. This workbook will save you about $1,000 a year if your property tax assessment is $5,000. If your property tax assessment is higher, perhaps in the ten-thousand-dollar range, if you have a case, you’ll be looking at a $2,000 a year reduction with near certain results.

On the commercial side, the course covers business property tax appeals. Businesses use an entirely different method call the Income Method. Their assessment is based on earnings. With bad economic conditions, there is a mountain of potential contingency commissions for the taking. If one does not appeal, nothing happens.

And what I’d like to do is teach you exactly how I win property tax appeals and how I get clients. It will show you how to reach hungry businesses and over-charged property owners and win their property tax appeals.

These are the property tax appeal secrets they don’t want you to know. We Work too hard to pay this much in property taxes!

If one doesn’t appeal an over-assessment, they will lose many thousands of dollars over the years. Since 40 – 60% or more are over-assessed, join me in my mission to help YOU and 1,000 ‘s of homeowners to lower their property taxes and ONLY pay their fair share. Here’s a Back Door. Do you want the tax assessor to win? No? Then CLICK THE LINK! Learn More Here: