Political Property Tax Corruption Scandals

In the New York Post this article appeared regarding a Congressman Hakeem Jeffries (a potential replacement for House speaker Nancy Pelosi): “Brooklyn Congressman Hakeem Jeffries, a potential replacement for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, already lives in a “People’s House” — that’s heavily subsidized by taxpayers.

Public records show that Jeffries and his family reside in a condo unit in red-hot Prospect Heights, paying just $213 a year in property taxes thanks to a sweetheart deal under a law he supported when he served in the state Assembly.

The condo the Jeffries bought in 2007 in the six-story, 40-unit complex on Underhill Avenue benefits from a massive property tax break granted under the 421-A abatement program that housing advocates have long complained is skewed toward wealthy developers and well-to-do tenants.

The law provides developers and residents property tax breaks over 25 or 35 years in exchange for making at least 20 percent of the apartments “affordable” for moderate- to low-income residents.

The generous subsidy program costs the city treasury up to $1.6 billion a year in property tax revenues, according to the comptroller’s office. The median property tax for city homeowners is more than $5,000.

One Staten Island condo owner told The Post their annual property tax bill is $5,000. A Queens homeowner said his bill is more than $9,000.”

I wonder how many politicians in local government have used their influence for the public good instead of following party lines or benefiting corporate interest groups? When, if ever, have you seen 10 or so choices on a ballot to vote on that in effect would lower overhead and reduce property taxes?

In college I learned a business principle called “The Economy of Scale” where growth incurs, efficiency results and less cost and overhead are passed on to those in control. Not here where I live! Seem like too many governments are turning into an enemy like Canadian and Australian elites that have recently turned into dictatorial despots. Only they know what is right! Sounds like a lot of state and local governments have that same attitude.

Rip-offs by politicians and special interest run rampant in the United States. It seems like none go to jail! Few are fined or punished. When 61% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, according to lates polls, it’s time for political representatives to step up, evolve spiritually and serve those they represent!

Cops where I live get around $75,000 pensions where the garbage men, whose job is much more dangerous, who is much more needed, more alert, more physically fit to handle emergencies gets to live on just social security. Imagine not having your garbage collected in your town for a month? Who else is getting these giant perks that punish homeowners property tax assessment?

Residential Property Tax Appeal

In this article we will discuss the residential property tax appeal.

A residential property tax appeal is an appeal from the local government in which you reside regarding your property taxes. There are two types of residential property tax appeals, and they are:

1) A “non-residential” property tax appeal is one that is made by a person who owns a property in another municipality. This is typically done if the property is being taxed at a higher rate than the owner’s residence. In most cases, it is the owner of the property who files the appeal, but there are exceptions. For example, if the owner of the property is deceased or has passed away, then the estate may file the appeal.

2) A “residential” property tax appeal refers to an appeal made by a homeowner against their local government regarding the property taxes levied against their home. It is important to note that a residential property tax appeal is not the same as a commercial property tax appeal. The difference between the two is that commercial property taxes are levied by the state, while residential property taxes are levied by the local government.

When filing a residential property tax appeal, it is important to understand that the purpose of the appeal is to have the property taxes reduced. This means that you must prove to the local government that the taxes are incorrect or illegal. If you do not prove that the taxes are wrong, then the appeal is unsuccessful.

There are 3 avenues for resolution for a real estate over-assessment. First is the local property tax assessor. Second is the municipal board of appeal. Third, the judicial level.

There are several ways that you can appeal property taxes. These include:

1) Filing an objection to the assessment. This is the easiest way to file an appeal, and the only time that this type of appeal is necessary. The objector simply states that he/she disagrees with the amount of taxes assessed against his/her property. The objection must be filed within 45 days after the date of the assessment notice.

2) Filing an appeal to the county board of review. This is a more formal appeal than the objection. The appeal is sent to the county board of review, and the board reviews the case and makes a decision.

3) Filing a complaint with the county auditor. This is the final step in appealing property taxes. The complaint is sent to the county auditor, and the auditor investigates the case and makes a recommendation to the county board of review.

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Until government employee “public servants” start receiving benefits akin to Costco, Walmart, Shoprite workers, property taxes will likely increase. This entitled class blackmails taxpayers who are left out of the overall financial picture.

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